What Is Clamp Multimeter?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 8 Nov 2021

Multimeters and Clamp Meter

A clamp meter is an electrical device that can measure currents and electrical faults. The basic purpose of a clamp meter is to measure current, but you can find one that makes a variety of electrical measurements. The multimeter has the same accuracy as the clamp meter.

The device cannot be as accurate because it never touches the current. The results are accurate for general use. The cost of most multimeters and clamps meters is the same, although some of them cost more because of their more accurate results.

The more accurate the device, the more money you will pay. The multimeter is a handheld device. You hold it in one hand while you measure the electrical wire.

It has two wires that you can use to measure the circuit. The only thing different about it is that it does not have any clamps at the end. It is a rectangular shape.

There are two types of multimeters. Accurately reading the meters is less expensive than analog. Digital multimeters offer more tests and more precise measurement, but it is more expensive.

Multimeter for Current Measurement

Engineers and electricians use two meters to measure things. A current measuring instrument has some qualities of a voltage measuring device. The second multimeter is used for the measurement of voltage and current.

The traditional method of breaking a circuit and connecting a meter in series within it to take out current measurements is avoided by using a clamp meter. A conductor can be placed in the jaws of a meter to measure current. It is not necessary for a meter to have jaws touch the conductor to take successful measurements.

AC current measurements can be made with a meter. A magnetic field formed by a wire causes a Hall Effect sensor to calculate the current. A user can select resistance, current, and voltage from a multimeter.

Frequency, capacitance, transistor tests, and more can be measured with advanced meters. There are different probe ports for measuring Amps and Volts. A multimeter is used for testing high-voltage circuits, but it can be dangerous to hold the probes so close to the circuit's high-voltage line.

Magnetic Jaws

The jaws are made of ferrite iron and are designed to detect and measure the magnetic field being generated by current as it flows through a conductor.

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A non-contact test tool that measures amperage is called a clamp meter. The device is called a jaws. The display on the Clamp meters shows the measurement to users.

Multimeters offer better resolution and accuracy in terms of resistance, Frequency, and voltage. The accuracy of a standard analog multimeter is usually within 3%. The most versatile diagnostic tool is a clamp meter, which is why electricians go for it.

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A Digital Multimeter for Electrical Troubleshooting

A digital multimeter is a tool that can measure voltages. A current-measuring tool with some abilities is a clamp meter. They are different instruments with their own advantages.

Simultaneous voltage and current measurements are part of the problem. You cannot do simultaneous measurements with one meter unless you change the price ranges of equipment used for power quality work. Effective troubleshooting often requires two meters, one to measure electrical current and one to measure the voltage.

If you have to use large multimeters intermittently, you have to put them in a holster, because they can make your silhouette very protruded, and that can limit your mobility in cases where you need to crawl. The level of quality of functions they can possess is excellent, and it can better than the level of features that a multimeter in the same price level will possess. The user can simply place the clamps around the high powered wires without having to contact the power company.

There are a couple of differences between multimeters and a clamp meter. The outer silhouette of the two is more noticeable than the inner one because the clamps on the meters can break and wear off. There are no differences between multimeters and the clamps meters.

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