What Is Drill Press Clamp?


Author: Lorena
Published: 3 Nov 2021

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A rotary drill press with pivotal connection to primary arm 38

The present invention is to provide a drill press that can be adjusted to engage a work piece at any point on the table and above the table. The pivot axis of the column of the drill press is parallel to the first collar segment's means allowing a pivotal connection with a primary arm 38. As shown in the picture.

The first and second end of primary arm 38 are included. The second end of primary arm 38 is where the first collar segment 26 is located. The use of a plurality of tongues ensures a large amount of surface contact and static friction to fix the position of the primary arm 38 with respect to collar 24.

It is recommended that the bolt 48 have a knurled head to allow manual rotation to fix and release the position of the primary arm 38. The second embodiment of the collar is similar to the previous one, it connects the primary arm 38 with the second end of the primary arm. The pivot axis of the connection between collar 68 and primary arm 38 is defined by pivot bolt 48, which is similar to the first embodiment.

There are some pictures in the FIGS. There is an additional element to the invention, which is a shim 84. The collar 24 or 68 can be used with drill presses 10 and 16 with smaller columns.

The appropriate segments of the collar may be placed within the appropriate portions of the shim 86 and 88. The column with a diameter smaller than the mounting hole of the collar will be used with the collar, since the shim 84 will between the column 16 and the collar. The reduced radial thickness portion of the ship rack cut out 93 is available in other arrangements.

The Standard Table

Sometimes the standard table lacks features, for example, a fence to hold materials securely against, or a large enough central hole to accommodate a sanding drum. A good quality vise, a magnetic pickup tool, and a good quality work light are all sensible investments, not to mention a good quality drill bits.

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