What Is Dust Collector For Home?


Author: Artie
Published: 8 Nov 2021

Wall-mounted cyclonic dust collector for woodworking

The air in your workshop is dirty and dangerous because of the fine dust that comes from power tools. If you are cleaning your home by hand or your vacuum is not able to do the job, a dust collector is a good option. A dust collector is a must have for any woodworker.

Fine dust can be difficult to clean up and hazardous to your health when you use woodworking tools. Dust collector will help you to work smarter by creating a dust-free workspace that is full of fresh, clean air. Dust collector designs have a powerful 1 HP or 1.5 HP motor and a strong fan that can create speeds of 3450rpm for smaller machines or 6,000rpm for larger machines.

A dust collector is very easy to use. Attach it to your wood cutting, smoothing or other wood tool and the advanced filters will suck the dust out of the bag. The dust can be safely thrown in the trash once the bag is full.

A cyclonic dust collector is a must have for any woodworker or carpenter. The 2-stage dust collector has improved its power to suck up the smallest of dust particles and larger wood chips. If your workshop is small, consider a wall-mounted dust collector.

If you want a unit that can be easily transported around your work area, consider a dust collector with a rolling base. A dust collector may have a bag or drum. The plastic collection bags are easy to empty and may have a viewing window that helps you to see the amount of dust inside.

The X-ray Driven Supermotor

It has a powerful motor that protects from damaging dust. It has a sturdy base with 4 easy-gliding wheels for easy transportation and a 2-micron bag that keeps your shop clean and safe. It has a sewn-in, snap-in filter bag ring which is faster, easier and eliminates the need for cam-over-lock style clamps and 6 mil plastic chip collection that shows you when the bag needs emptying.

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