What Is Feather Board Bolts?


Author: Albert
Published: 6 Nov 2021

Unlocking Broad Bolts

The ability to make broad bolts is unlocked by players with 55 Fletching and who have unlocked the "Broader Flachesing" ability for 300 Slayer reward points. Broad bolts are made with 10 bolts at a time and give 3 Fletching experience per bolt.

The BOW featherboard

There are several technical challenges involved with the purchase of a featherboard. The matter is dependent on your needs, priorities, experience, and skill. The featherboard is made with 18 feathers.

The high number of board feathers make sure that your cutting piece is safe to set. The downward faced feathers give an aerodynamic advantage. The featherboards that you get from Kreg are just as good as they look.

The boards are made using plastic that is impact resistant and long lasting. The makers have included a feature called a wedge-lock. The product can adapt to other sawing hardware without compromising on safety.

The product is secured by plate guards with two wing nuts. You can adjust them using the curved tracks. The tracks contract if you squeeze the nuts, increasing pressure on the cutting material to keep it safe.

You can achieve your intended pressure by freeing the nuts. The board is made from shock absorbent plastic that has been injection molded. The aerodynamic structure provides red downward feathers for optimum forward pressure and blocking sliding.

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