What Is Feather Board Top Hold Down?


Author: Richelle
Published: 3 Nov 2021

The Cutting Procedure for Power Tools

Power tools have a lot of accessories. Operators have to decide which accessory is best to use. The feather board is a must have if you want to improve your cutting results.

There is a rule you must follow when cutting your board length. You must cut your stock according to your needs. Consider the distance from your point to your saw blade.

The featherboard

The featherboard is a clever woodworking jig that keeps your stock held against the rip fence and your fingers out of harm's way. It is useful when ripping stock. The overall length is 18 but will be trimmed to 12 after the holes are drilled and the slot is cut.

It's easier to handle when you cut the slot down the middle. When the knobs are tightened, the machine screws are pulled into the counter-clockwise holes and the runner is spread out. It won't move if it's properly tightened.

A Review of Feathers for Table Saws

A featherboard is an important accessory to have in your work area. When a saw blade moves, you may fail to get the desired cut for your wood but with the help of a featherboard, the work table is pressed against the blade allowing for better movement of the saw. The modern featherboard design is secured and manufactured keeping in mind the safety of the users, unlike the traditional design which was made using scrap lumber.

Better operations can be achieved with the help of featherboards, which allow for less kickbacks and more firm pressure against the machine. A featherboard is a great way to accomplish different wood working projects. The DRILL PRO featherboard is perfect for table saws and routers tables.

It gives better protection to hands with an additional grip. It also prevents sudden kickbacks when trying to get a proper cut. It is made from sturdy items and it is able to last a long time.

It is an appropriate one to buy because of its simplicity and its resilience. The cost is a factor that should be considered when selecting a featherboard. It is a quality one if you do not exceed your budget.

Make sure that the cheap ones have the features you need to do the wood work correctly. You can compare the prices of different manufacturers to see if you are paying the correct one. The material of the tool is important after the price.

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