What Is Rip Fence Clamp?


Author: Artie
Published: 8 Nov 2021

Aligning a table saw with the Powertec 71004 universal fence clamp

I've improvised by cutting a piece of wood and putting it on the table, but it was always difficult to get it aligned. The table is bolted to the rails under it with a saw. You can try to move the fence back and forth by grabbing the end of the fence farthest from the front of the saw.

The jig should be slid to the front of the table saw. The fence and the back portion of the table are loose until the edge of the table is locked. The board must be held against the fence and slid until it contacts the jig.

The jaw of the pipe is placed downwards. The end of the pipe is facing towards you. The saw should be in contact with the pipe.

The Powertec 71004 universal fence clamp is a 2 pack. The most popular topics are bench vises and making video. The saw should be in contact with the ends of the clamp.

Preparing the Slide Show for a Rip Fence

You should drill holes in the aluminum profile after you've done the grooves. You can use your drill with an aluminum drilling bit. It will be great if you have a good sense.

The recommended distance is two inches. A table with a standard size will need a few holes. The next step is to prepare the slide show.

The part that slides the rip fence in the rail is the one that you need to lock it down. You will need two wood pieces to make the slider. Attach the wooden board to the fence with a sheet of plywood and hold it down with a pair of pliers.

Use screws to secure it after the glue dries. The plywood sheet is attached to the fence to get maximum stability and control. The best way to fix the screws is to use 15-millimeter wood screws.

The system is ready to be tested. Wear safety gear while working with a table saw. Cut some wood on different measurements to see if the fence is made of wood.

A Commercial Table Saw Fence

You would need a square tube to make a rip fence body. You should use strips of 4 inches wide for both sides and 2 inches for the top and bottom. Place a square in the tube.

It should be flush with the exterior. The square needs wood screws to be locked. Continue with a similar process.

Measure the distance from rip fence to blade to make sure cuts are accurate. The pipe clam should be fastened afterwards. It should make it easy to cut several pieces of wood.

If you need to work with a fence regularly, a simple version might not be the only solution. Several professionals have to deal with complicated cuts. It is the right thing to look for a commercial option.

There is a good chance that your table saw manufacturer has a fence that you can buy. Look for them. The RYOBI table saw fence upgrade is available separately.

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