What Is Rip Fence For Craftsman Table Saw?


Author: Lorena
Published: 4 Nov 2021

An Aftermarket Table Saw Fence

The table saw is the center of the woodworking shop for both pros and beginners. The accuracy of table saws is important. If you have ever worked with one, you know how important the fence is in making accurate and safe cuts.

A magnified scrutineer will allow you to read the measurement easily. It also includes a measuring tape that provides high contrast as well as metric and SAE measurements. A heavy-duty cam lever is used to provide a solid lock.

The lever is very easy to use and it can be manipulated with one hand. The box design should eliminate the chance of a box being knocked over. The fence is made from aluminum and has an coating that will help it last longer.

It includes hole patterns for Delta Unisaw, Contractor, Powermatic 66, and the Sears 10-inch saw. The lower price means that the materials used are less quality, making it more difficult to work with when drilling or using a tap. The fence has been advertised as made from wood, but recent changes have made use of cheaper plywood that may not be as sturdy.

The plastic marking guides on the left and right of the fence are plastic and can crack if bumped along the screw mounts. If you want to improve cut accuracy, you should buy an aftermarket rip fence. The fence on a table saw is the most important part of the tool.

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